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"Honestly the best game I have seen from this jam so far. Super polished and really well done. I really liked the concept and the gameplay was just amazing[[...]"

GDWC Nominee

I made Don't Kill Death (Or Die Trying) in under 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam, which is the longest running game development competition in existence. It was my first ever game jam and I used it to challenge myself to finish a project in GameMaker Studio 2. The reason for doing so was that GMS2 is now my new primary tool for making games (since Flash stopped being supported) and it felt like a good way to test what I had learned.

The game is ranked across 8 categories by the other participants of the jam, and therefore judged by a jury of one's peers. LD46 saw a record number of entries (4,959 to be precise) this time around, so it was a daunting time to enter for the first time!

Thankfully I placed 6th overall and I picked up 3rd place in the 'fun' category. I am really pleased with these results. I am extremely thankful to everyone who played, rated and supported the game in some way; it's fair to say that the LD community is amazing and I will be entering the competition again for sure.

Big thanks to my brother who came to my apartment at 2am just a few hours before the deadline to record some voice acting lines for the game. I think it was a nice last minute addition.