SHIBUI is my punk rock band. We are based in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi and formed in the closing months of 2018. We have had the pleasure of being able to play many shows and festivals while supporting some great artists, including; Of Virtue (USA), The Argies (Argentina), Sedem Minute Strachu (Slovakia) and CUT LON (Vietnam) as well as many Japanese, Korean and other Vietnamese artists. We are currently recording our first album, although tentatively considering it a "sampler" to give a taste of what we like to self-describe as 'goblin punk'. Our logo is an Asian gargoyle head, ripped from an image in a game I am currently developing.

We did release a sampler and there are a few live shows on Youtube, however these are our early shows and the sampler is a bit of a mess when it comes to the mix - hence my desire to redo it. I play bass and my bandmates are Jack (UK) and Ian (Japan). When the album is done you will be able to find it here!

At the tail end of December 2015, after finding each other on bandmate-finder website 'Join My Band', Touchlines (then called 'Blitzball' after the famous sport minigame in Final Fantasy X), was created with the aim of bringing upbeat, energetic pop-punk to Britain and the world!

Unfortuantely however, despite practicing every week and becoming very tight with the five or six songs we had, we only played one gig (a battle of the bands that nobody turned up for). We recorded a live music video session of the first song that I composed for the band (titled 'Thunder Buddies For Life'), but bar a few crappy five second videos from our only show, I can't remember what half of our music even sounded like. I still have demos from the band that I made in their entirety myself, before we'd bring them into the rehearsal space and everyone could put their own touches on; some of these can be found in the 'Misc. Recordings' section of my music back-catalogue.

It definitely felt like the energy, time and money put into Touchlines might have warranted a different outcome, but alas the old cliche of 'musical differences' abruptly and prematurely cut the project short. The end of Touchlines was the catalyst for my joining the navy which was a drastic change for the better in my life, however, so it wasn't all bad.