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Working on the first pack of custom emotes for the MadeByChaz Discord server.



I always approach things - like uploading a new website containing a blog - with the best of intentions; plans to make regular posts covering a variety of topics (mostly what I'm working on) are considered a given. As a workaholic, however, these duties often get neglected in favour of *actually* making the things I was going to talk about. It's my intention to make the most of this global lockdown the world has been forced into by making a concerted effort to change that.

I have been using my self-isolation time to really dedicate to expanding my knowledge of all things game design; I've learnt a hell of a lot about GameMaker Studio 2 and I've invested in some new drawing programs to expand the notches on my art-belt. Alongside learning how to program more effeciently and smarter, I've also been putting some time into learning pixel art (Aseprite being my go-to tool for now) and reading inspiring game-design related books. My current read is "A Theory of Fun for Game Design" by Raph Koster. I've also been hugely inspired lately by the output from Gunpoint and Heat Signature's developer Tom Francis.


Here's a quick little test video showing the engine I've been building (obviously using placeholder artwork). If anyone has any tips on how to record a screen without getting lag that'd be great - I know the slowdown at around 0.21 is particularly irritating!

If you are interested in the development of the game, there is a specific devlog channel on my Discord where I post regular screenshots, videos and share fun bugs I encounter. It's a much faster way to keep updated and shows more details than anything I'd be able to share on posts like these! I'll most likely be posting a playable demo fairly soon as well.



Due to these newly learned things, I'm going to be testing myself by entering the Ludum Dare 72 hour game jam this year. I'm really nervous about this as I'm still learning about coding, but I want to challenge myself to be able to think of a concept and prototype it in 72 hours. I will try and record my progress of whatever I end up making and turn it into a timelapse video. You can follow my userpage on the LD website here!


What I would really like to start doing soon (if there was any interest in it), is making some tutorial videos centered around all things game design (art and animation, game feel, tips on making a living from it). There's plenty out there already, but I believe I'd be able to offer some interesting perspectives as I'd be approaching this from an entirely DIY perspective. Drop a comment if you'd like to see those.


DNGN has once again ground to a bit of a halt through various reasons (mostly a re-alignment of priorities during these times); the project is on a temporary freeze while I take care of a few other things and continue to learn and develop my own game in GMS2.

Well I guess that's all for now...hopefully it won't take another third of the year to make a new post! Stay safe!

April '20