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Ludum Dare 46 has finished and the results are in! This year saw a record 4,959 entries submitted, which is a pretty daunting prospect considering this was my first ever game jam! The jam served as a great way for me to finish my first project in GameMaker Studio and I used it as both a challenge to myself and a learning experience.

A Ludum Dare submission is rated out of five by a jury of one's peers - that is to say that only other game developers can rate games - across eight categories. These categories can be seen below along with a screen grab of the rest of my rankings.

My Ludum Dare 46 results

I am extremely pleased with my results, most notably 6th overall, taking third in the 'fun' category and being top one hundred across the board. Fun to me was more important than anything else and to achieve such a high rating there was the icing on the cake.

I recorded my screen for the duration of development on the game so you can see it being made from scratch in under seventy-two hours. I would like to dissect and talk about the entire process a little more, perhaps in a future video as there were a lot of take-aways from the whole process for me.

I am working on a slightly expanded version; I bought the GameMaker HTML5 module to allow me to put the game on the web so it won't be playable by downloading only (which also allows Mac users to play the game) so keep your eye out for that soon

If you are interested in making games, talking about them or anything else, make sure to jump over to my Discord where I'm available most of the time. I love to interact wiith everyone and I plan on doing live streams in my server pretty soon as well.

P.S - Can you beat my score?

DKDODT High Score

That's it for now; thanks for following my journey and see you soon!

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