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I recently released my first MadeByChaz asset pack, titled "Graveyard Blast"! It is pretty much what it says on the tin; a huge swathe of frame-by-frame, hand animated 2D sprites rendered in 4K, featuring all the constituent parts needed to help any aspiring (or experienced!) game developer put together a spooky arena shooting game!

You can grab it at and also the YoYoGames marketplace. The standalone download available on itch also features a GameMaker Studio 2 file to allow you to open the project with all the sprites contained within, along with their recommended playback speed.

I spent a lot of time putting this together (you may have noticed that the assets were re-purposed from a previous game that I was developing), and if anyone decides to pick it up - thanks! If you would like to see more themed packs, drop a comment or fire me over an email.


I have been extremely busy lately, and not just with preparing and releasing my asset pack!

I have begun writing a book about how to get into game design, with tips and advice for anyone who wishes to enter the industry and interspersing it with my own personal experiences and case studies. I've seen a lot of people who felt a little bit lost on where to start when it came to getting into the games industry, and at this stage in my career I feel that I have plenty of genuinely valuable knowledge to contribute to the already growing catalgoue of wisdom surrounding the art. I've written about two chapters so far, but I am enjoying it greatly and have discovered that I have lots to say about all manner of things gamedev.

In other quick news: I have begun preliminary work on The Gun Game 3, a direct sequel to 2010's massive online hit. A decade later and I still get plenty of fan mail and requests for a third game and have finally decided on a design outline to bring this to fruition!

I have also begun working on a dungeon crawling game as a solo project; this is to further my knowledge of the workings of GameMaker Studio 2 and to have a bit of fun trying out something different in the process. It's all basic plaeholder art at the moment but you can be sure that when I feel the time is right I will post a little demo for you all to try out and probably break :P

Well, that about wraps things up for now. I hope you enjoyed the news round-up and I can't wait to physically show you the results of all of this hard work soon. 'Til next time!

September '20