Previous Post#5: New Game & Updates! Next post's been a while hasn't it?! I was looking at my previous posts and I realised how much stuff I was working on that hasn't seen the light of day. Just like many other creative endeavours, sometimes it's best to wait until they are nearer to completion before announcing them. Woops! In an effort to focus my work on more clearly defined goals, here's a summary of where I'm at.


I participated in the 2 week #NoticeMe game jam hosted by OperaGX and their subsidiary GameMaker Studio 2 and my final product was Soulvester VS Lil' Beezey, a compact arcade shmup with roguelite elements! The theme was 'Then The Night Changed Everything'. This was my second game jam and my second completed GameMaker Studio project.

I'm pleased to announce that after the 300+ submissions were in, the judges put my game through to the final 10 which was then open to public vote. That has finished now and I have to wait until April 11th to see where my game came. The winner will be announced by PewDiePie on his Youtube channel!

Another cool part of the prize package (other than good cash rewards and having Pewds announce the winners) is that my game is being featured in a real life physical arcade machine! I am really excited about this and I will post an update when I know more about the specific details.

I'm really proud of what I made and I worked extremely hard, non stop, for 14 days and nights trying to get this the game to the level I expect of myself. Regardless of the final outcome, I'm proud of what I made and I've had such amazing feedback from players.

If you haven't tried it already, I would definitely recommend checking out the OperaGX browser. You can play GameMaker games right in your browser and they run great. It really reminds me of the good old days of playing Flash games in the browser, only this time you can get fullscreen HD games with controller support with no extra setup. It's genuinely a really cool thing.


...and here's some super cool handmade plushies my friend made of the characters in the game!

Lil' Beezey, Horrorball and Soulvester


* I was interviewed by the Game Development World Championship about my process when participating in game jams. It was a little while ago now but still worth a little read if you're interested in how I made Don't Kill Death for Ludum Dare 46.

* I have updated the commissions page with a project that was completed a little while ago called FRVR Defense.

* There's a big update to the Age of Wonder mobile game. It features better loading and widescreen support so it's a good time to check it out!

* I had an interview for BlueMaxima's FlashPoint book project which chronicles Flash game history and it's developers. I'm also aiming to create the covert art for the book when I get time.


* How To Get Into Game Design (book) - Mentioned in my previous post; although I would still like to do this, I don't feel like it would be viable to complete at this time.

* The Gun Game 3 (video-game) - Unfortunately there are a few reasons while this game has had to be cancelled (again).

* CyberPunk Dungeon crawler (video-game) - The prototype was coming along well and served as a great learning exercise, however this one will be confined to the annals of neverdom.


I will find out where I have come in the #NoticeMe game jam on the 11th April. This is a huge opportunity for me and I'm excited for the results! Until then I'll be working on other projects that - as stated at the top of this post - will be revealed once they're a little further down the line. I also want to chuck in a friendly reminder that I'm always active on my Discord server, and would love you to join!

Thanks for your attention and continued support =)

April '22