In 2014 I was contacted by the Cartoon Network to create the game 'Water Sons' based on one of their most popular teen franchises. I was honoured to work with the channel that I grew up watching and even happier when they asked me to re-imagine the show's characters in my own art style (the only licensed game on the CN website to do so to my knowledge). The game is a reskin of Danish Goel and I's 'Age of Wonder' title. It has recieved tens of millions of plays worldwide and walkthroughs for the game on video sharing sites share the same massive numbers of views, reaching in excess of 6.3 million views across just 3 videos. I was excited to hear that the game had also got a TV advertisement spot in the U.S.

Client: Math Games
Suite of 13 games with API integration (plus interactive 404 toy)

I was thrilled to be able to work with MathGames in providing them with a collection of high quality games built around their educational API at the tail end of 2017. MathGames are a huge provider of great interactive learning content, and along with my work partner CKPEngine, we conceptualized (and followed briefs) to create games to leverage the best use of their system. Some of the games are available under their premium subscription package, although most are free to access from their homepage. I have always been a fan of using games to deliver educational practices, so working with this great site was particularly fulfilling.

Client: Cricket Wireless
Collection of animated online banners
In 2018 I was tasked with taking static images of the mascots from Cricket Wireless and turning them into puppets before animating them in various scenes for an online advertising campaign. This involved cutting parts of the images up, repairing them and rigging them so I could animate them. Following the brief, I created many animated banners of various sizes with different characters which were then coded in HTML5 (by another party) to facilitate their required functionality. It was great fun to work on and I am so happy with the results.

Client: Miniclip
HTML5 remake of smash hit web game 'Gravity Guy'

We were asked by the awesome folks at Miniclip to reboot their smash hit Gravity Guy with new artwork and updated technology, moving from Flash to HTML5. This was quite a technological challenge as the world needed to stream seamlessly, and tying this to a custom level editor to test and fine-tune the stage while ensuring that it ran well on many systems was a great experience. I was excited to work on such a legendary franchise and am grateful to Miniclip for trusting us to bring the game up to date.

Client: Bitnest Software
Mobile game artwork and animation [ iOS | Android ]

My long time work partner worked extra hard on revamping the system of his original Flash game of the same name, bringing it to mobile for everyone to enjoy for free! It was a privelege to work with Bitnest again, and as he developed the game I was privy to the immensely detailed research he carried out to ensure how fair and realistic all the simulations were. I had great fun working on this! Download it for free at the links above.

Client: FRVR
HTML5 game art assets

FRVR Defense is a multiplayer online tower defense game. I was commissioned to create the artwork and animation for this game which features multiple units, towers and attack effects. This was a lot of fun to work on as it's not a genre I've explored too deeply and it was refreshing to try something from a new perspective! The game is still currently awaiting release; I will update with the link as and when it's available.

Aside from working together on CritterCraft, I had so much fun making some assets for Gaz's fresh new reboot of the original Red Remover game for There's been thousands of clones and copycats, but nothing beats the original - and Red Remover Tap brings back the Guiness World Record breaking Flash game to mobiles with a fresh new twist!


Another project I done for Gaz was a reskin of one of the most popular bubble shooter games featured on! Inspired by Super Pang, this version sees you charging up your beam to take out Zombubblez!