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Launched: 21st May 2021

I was contacted in the summer of 2020 by Gaz Thomas (of Red Remover and Super Stacker fame) about working on a game with emerging blockchain technology. After some discussion we landed on CritterCraft, an idea inspired by crafting mechanics and creature creation. Kind of like if Minecraft and Pokemon were mashed together.

In CritterCraft, your goal is to craft a variety of unique and cute critters using ingredients found in themed booster packs. A wider assortment of ingredients will allow you to craft a larger variety of Critters! Could you be the first CritterZen to discover a new species? Collect and trade with the CrtterCraft community on Discord!

Aside from the main CritterCraft blockchain game, we are working on a steady collection of CritterCraft themed online games across a variety of genres; these include everything from 3D kart racing games to the world's first NFT-enabled Twitch game - Grubfish Royale!

Can't get enough of CritterCraft? Well, as we are a cross-media project, collectors can also get their hands on exclusive physical items such as high quality plushies, sticker packs, zines, playing cards and more!

Collect records (and listen to them in your music hall), start a digital sticker collection and get equipable items for your avatar in Grubfish Royale!

We are proud to have exhibited at GDC 2023 in San Francisco, wedged between the massive Epic Games and Unity stands, as well as showcasing the project at NFT.NYC the same year. The best way to get involved is to start your digital CritterCraft sticker collection, jump into our Discord to say hi!