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"This thing is AMAZING!!"



Released: 27th March 2015
Development Cycle: 10 weeks
Genre(s): Shooter, Puzzle

In 2009 I released The Gun Game, a simple shooter game that managed to scratch an itch for the online gaming crowd. It went viral and was ultimately the kickstart to my career in game development. Six years later, and to take the edge off of designing the Gun Game 3 (which has gone through 4 different designs at the time of writing), Wayne Marsh and I put together this little homage to the original. It was an incredible feeling to see so many people having fond memories of playing the first game and it reminded me why this game series meant so much to me in the first place.

For this re-imagining of The Gun Game, we added lots of polish not present in the original such as updated art, music and voice acting. I'm hoping it can hold at bay for long enough those that wish to see the third instalment in the series!


Art, Writing: Chaz Carter
Programming, Design: Wayne Marsh
Voice Acting: David Dixon