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GameMaker #NoticeMe Jam 5th Place
GWDC 2022 Game Jam GOTY Nominee
GDWC 2022 Hobby Category Nominee


"Soulvester is an exceptionally fun scrolling shooter. Fast-paced action, great sense of humour, tons of polish."

CSH Picone


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Available on (Switch coming soon!):

Released: 20th April 2022
Development Cycle: 14 Days

Soulvester VS Lil' Beezey was made in 2 weeks for the GameMaker x OperaGX #NoticeMe game jam. It came 5th place, bagging me a cash prize, an announcement on a PewDieDie video and an (as yet unfulfilled) port to arade machines.

I worked so hard on this; I was sleeping on my couch and getting a few hours sleep, before getting up and working hard through the small hours of the morning, every day for 2 weeks. I went full out in order to create everything: art, animations, sound effects, music, programming. My brother reprised his voice acting duty from my last game jam, coming on board to record the voice for Lil' Beezey and the narrator.

The game was originally relesaed on OperaGX where players could play it in their browser or download it from The response to the game was so good that I decided to add some extra features and release a Steam version, which came out on April 17th 2023 (available at a pocket-money price point!)

Awesome crochet plushies of the characters by @stel !

This is the game running on sixbitglitch's home arcade!